sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Now all its ready.

In general the world of sport has no memory, at the time that something has happened it seems that never happened and even more when the results are not good. No matter what has been done before, what has been gained before or work done, if no one fulfilled the expectations would be responsible for highlighting all the miseries and the coach is the center of the target. I do not mean that we are not responsible for what happens, we are much but a career with titles, great performance all the players and the team further, giving a technical staff organization that was empty, modernize the club both materials as in a sports organization more efficient and also conduct a personnel management based on fundamental values that strengthen the commitment, respect and help the formation of each component of the club to build a major club is something that has no possible compensation. In ARKAS everything is easier now because the hard way is fact, that either suffered more wear and that everything you did before was very well done and planned. Now one is benefiting and enjoying of all that. Yes, now everything is easier and each person know their responsability, I hope that not be swayed by personal interests that harm both a professional structure.
The commitment I had with the club was full until the last day, I defended the club in front of anyone including players who only seek their profit above the interests of the club and team. I was honest and realistic in each meeting with any manager but it is misinterpreted and not like because just wanted to keep their personal interests, I would do the same as defending the targets and future of the club. I hope that objectivity will make people have memory that values who really started it all.

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